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Creative Tech #1: The Robot Takeover


November 7, 2019

Welcome to the first issue of the Creative Technology newsletter, which you signed up for at, or you got signed up for because you've been in touch with Josh Santangelo recently. This issue features three different projects that use robot arms, which is pure coincidence and not a marketing tie-in to the new Terminator movie.

Border Tuner

An interactive light installation illustrates connections across the US/Mexico border in dramatic style

Apologue 2047

WHITEVOID brings a constellation of kinetic triangular displays to a Beijing performance

Paper Phone

Everything you need in your pocket, with infinite battery life

Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass

The Louvre's huge Leonardo exhibit replaces the painting with a VR exhibit by Emissive and Vive Arts

Rag and Bone at NYFW

Kinect Azure cameras on robotic arms amplify the movements of models and dancers, don't miss the BTS video

44 Montgomery St in SF

A subtle, reactive lighting installation in an SF office lobby

Symulakra Digital Sculpture

A data-driven, user-generated, five-story artwork in Warsaw

What You Don't Know

Remix the new Matthew Dear track in WebVR, then play with the early prototypes and source

Sonic Arms

A dance of robotic arms, lights and images in Rome

Extract Audio Stems with Machine Learning

Pull separate vocal and instrumental tracks from finished songs for remixing

Notch 0.9.23 Adds Path Tracing

The popular visuals package delivers more realistic graphics

Lightform's Second Generation

Lightform's easy-to-use projection mapping tools get an upgrade, now combining the camera, projector, and compute into a single unit

Lumen Prize 2019 Winners

The Lumen Prize for Art and Technology recognizes Refik Anadol, Sougwen Chung, Maja Petric, and more

AI in Art, from 1895 to Today

Vanessa Chang discusses the role of unseen intelligence in art, from player pianos to current fads