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Creative Tech #2: Reality Reproduction


December 10, 2019

This batch of inspiration is being prepared from the exit row of flight AA2421 as I transition from the 75-and-analog world of Miami Art Week back to the 57-and-digital kingdom of San Francisco. The trip wasn't very "creative tech", so I'm posting some of my favorite artwork from Miami on Instagram. For the newsletter we have some new photogrammetry projects, a killer device to for glasses-free 3D, and a couple of longer reads to settle into during your holiday break.

Alivia and the Dark Evil

An incredible immersive show in Jakarta with super-tight interaction between acrobatic performers and media. A little more BTS here, but I'd love more technical detail.

Looking Glass 8k

The magicians at Looking Glass have scaled up their holographic display to make it even better for multi-user glasses-free viewing of 3D content.

Wedding Photogrammetry

Your wedding guests are snapping pics anyway, so use photogrammetry to build a model from the images. Then your grandkids can attend the ceremony via their embedded VR implants in 2050.

Also on the photogrammetry thread, use a single phone to capture models of objects, buildings, or city blocks to explore later in VR, or on that Looking Glass you put on your wedding registry.

Runway Palette

A visualization of the colors chosen by fashion designers across 144k looks in recent shows. This made me cry because it's so beautiful, and also because I had a similar idea years ago but never pursued it. Don't miss the technical BTS thread.

IBM Technology Garden

This visualization of the massive dataset tracked by IBM at Wimbledon is pretty, but even better is the super deep dive into the process of designing and building it with WebGL tools that we'll soon get to try out too.

Teachable Machine 2

Using machine learning for interaction and identification can be hard to ramp up on, but Teachable Machine has been upgraded to help classify images, sounds, and poses in a way that integrates quickly with popular frameworks.

The Limits of Learning

If you want to explore machine learning but don't know where to start, this talk by Kyle McDonald is an excellent survey of what the tools are good at and how to get into them. Bookmark this to cuddle up with over your holiday break.