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Creative Tech #4: AR Inevitable?


February 18, 2020

It seems too soon to be publishing a fourth issue, yet here we are. Please tell a friend, write in to suggest a link, or point out the typo I left in just for you to find. This time around there's a cluster of augmented reality projects which seem like a peek into our inevitable future.

The Wall of Sound

Custom electronics arranged sculpturally to create a multi-user sequencer of light and sound. Reminiscent of my own TouchTones project from 2010, which was in turn inspired by 2005's Electroplankton.

Augmented Basketball

If AR glasses are adopted in the world of sport before it trickles down to consumers, this is what future NBA players could see on the court. Quite an upgrade from Nike's similar project five years ago with AKQA.


Something of a repeat from issue 1, Special Projects return with another delightful way to get you to quit staring at your phone all the time. Or you could take it a little further and try the rotary cell phone.

Sol LeWitt: Drawing Series

Since the last issue, I developed a visualization of the rules behind some of Sol LeWitt's wall drawings, showing how simple logic builds on itself to produce vast variations of pattern.

Tetra: Kinetic Ceiling

Volvox is back with a 100-foot long kinetic sculpture comprised of 300 motors and 150 LED tubes, which is apparently the largest such installation in NYC.

Squarepusher: Terminal Slam

Another look into our probably-inevitable AR future, this time in the form of a Squarepusher music video by Daito Manabe and the Rhizomatiks crew, featuring the future ubiquity of YOLO-style object recognition and modification.

AR Pianist

A demo of an AR app showing a virtual human playing an actual piano in an actual room, until the piano goes virtual along with the rest of the world. If you've got a piano you can try it yourself.