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Creative Tech #5: Can We Talk About Something Else?


March 24, 2020

From my quarantine to yours, a new collection of creative tech links to keep you distracted while working from home. You're not likely to see much work like this in person for a while, but if you want it to still exist when "normal" returns, consider supporting the arts where you can. Here in SF, Gray Area could certainly use a hand.

CBM 8032 AV

After seeing this live AV performance using 40-year-old, 1mhz, monochrome computers, I stopped complaining about how slow my laptop has gotten. The detailed technical breakdown, including assembly programming and custom audio hardware, is also fascinating.

New York Apartment

Another for the "wish I'd thought of this" file, a project that combines listings for every apartment available in New York City into one massive listing for a 65,764-bedroom unit, complete with photos and video walkthroughs. Congrats to Sam Lavigne and Tega Brain on what looks like an immense amount of work.


Sorry-not-sorry for including Rhizomatiks in two consecutive issues. This music video flies us around a pastoral point-cloud landscape dotted with ELEVENPLAY dancers. No BTS on this one yet (is the landscape real, and if so, how was it captured?), but there is more detail up on the Squarepusher video from last time. (Apr 8 update: the BTS video is out.)


Calming reactive particles and fluids illustrate supernovas and black holes for a science museum in Canada. These days you don't have to spend a ton on hardware to build such a thing.


Way on the other extreme of the budget spectrum is this 180-degree, 20-projector immersive space with head-tracking and stereoscopic 3D content in Paris. This is a couple years old and intended for academic research, but it would be neat to see what artists could do with it.