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Creative Tech #6: What Day Is It Again?


April 22, 2020

If you're feeling like home is a little too immersive these days, take a break from Animal Crossing and get inspired by these projects that have carried on in the midst of these strange times.


Legendary agency Jam3 celebrated their 100th (!) FWA award by creating a dreamy 3D illustration of their past and future. The technical breakdown goes into some of the solutions they came up with to generate the effects.

Origami Projection Tutorial

Joanie's famous 2012 piece has been on a million mood boards, but now you can install it at home if you've got paper, tape, a computer, and a projector.

Roelof Knol

This developer at YIPP in Amsterdam is having fun at home building reactive projected music visualizers and experimental drawing tools.


It looks like dotdotdash has a spare robot arm lying around, and you can use it to play tic-tac-toe with another mystery player. Donations are encouraged.

Meteoriks 2020

The demoscene is still out there producing custom engines that get down to the metal to create amazing visuals. The best of the year are honored with awards in various categories, like best graphics. Outstanding technical achievement went to a 4KB intro written in MATLAB.

LED Face Mask

I'm just rocking a bandana tied on with rubber bands, but I appreciate those that are taking it to the next level with realtime LED graphics on their face coverings.