For a while a tried a newsletter that shared what I was excited about in the field of immersive technologyimmersive technology and built a couple of interactive blogblog postsposts. Perhaps I'll get back to publishing someday.

Creative Tech #6: What Day Is It Again?

If you're feeling like home is a little too immersive these days, take a break from Animal Crossing and get inspired by these projects that have carried on in the midst of these strange times.

Creative Tech #5: Can We Talk About Something Else?

From my quarantine to yours, a new collection of creative tech links to keep you distracted while working from home.

Creative Tech #4: AR Inevitable?

There's a cluster of augmented reality projects this time around which seem like a peek into our inevitable future.

Sol LeWitt: Drawing Series

An interactive exploration of Sol LeWitt's "Drawing Series", one of the groups of his many Wall Drawings, produced beginning in 1960.

Creative Tech #3: Making Music with Cameras

This time the list is a bit shorter and more experimental, with a couple of projects that use computer vision to create music and sound.

A First-Timer's Guide to Miami Art Week

I took a trip with my lady to Miami for art week, which consists of many art fairs, exhibitions, parties, and related events. We developed a rough itinerary with her on food and me on art, but kept it fairly flexible. Here's how it worked out.

Creative Tech #2: Reality Reproduction

For the newsletter we have some new photogrammetry projects, a killer device to for glasses-free 3D, and a couple of longer reads to settle into during your holiday break.

Creative Tech #1: The Robot Takeover

This issue features three different projects that use robot arms, which is pure coincidence and not a marketing tie-in to the new Terminator movie.