Josh Santangelo

Technical Director, Immersive Installations

Full-Stack Engineer, Rich Applications // // +1 (206) 229-5674


I oversee and manage the various technical disciplines required to implement large-scale interactive installations for museums, attractions, events, and corporate environments. I start at the very beginning of the project, working with sales and creative teams to define scope, schedule and budget. From there I identify and direct engineers, partners, and vendors to architect and execute the solution, QA teams to test and bulletproof, integrators and vendors to deploy and switch on, and support teams to ensure long-term operation.

I build expressive, fast, and fluid applications using modern web technologies as a team of one or part of a group. As an agency veteran I work well with design teams, project managers, and demanding clients. I obsess over clean code, legible APIs, and incredible performance.


  • project concepting, scoping and estimation
  • technology selection
  • systems architecture
  • recruiting and management of project vendors and freelancers
  • recruiting, management, and career growth of engineering employees
  • technical project management
  • dev-ops administration (issue tracking, source control, build systems, etc)
  • deployment support
  • management and triaging of customer support needs
  • systems architecture: hardware, software, client, server
  • sprint planning, agile development
  • modern JavaScript, generally
  • Node.js, Express,
  • MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Heroku, Docker, AWS, Azure, Twilio
  • Vue.js, React
  • CSS, SASS, Stylus, Bootstrap
  • Canvas, SVG, D3.js, jQuery
  • Gulp, Webpack
  • es-lint, js-beautify, prettier
  • C#, .NET, WPF
  • PHP, WordPress
  • Jira, Jenkins, Slack, Basecamp, G-Suite, etc


Director of Systems, Obscura Digital

San Francisco, July 2018 - present — I'm managing the team at Obscura that designs and implements the infrastructure required for some of the largest and most immersive visual experiences in the world. Technologies include render farms, computing systems for linear and realtime media playback, storage, networking, and display systems using LED, LCD, and projection.

Technical Director, Stimulant

San Francisco, Apr 2011 - Mar 2018 — I managed Stimulant's team of engineers, QA resources, and hardware experts. I oversaw the technical decisions made on projects from concept to deployment and through to long-term support. I worked with the sales team to write proposals and define budgets. I also took care of dev-ops, implementing issue tracking systems, build tools, and systems to support our installations in the wild.

Technical Lead, Stimulant

Seattle, Apr 2008 - Apr 2011 — As the technical co-founder of Stimulant, I was responsible for end-to-end software development on most of the agency's projects for the first few years. I worked with the UX and visual design teams to bring their visions for pioneering multi-touch software to life.

Interactive Developer, Microsoft

Redmond, WA, May 2006 - May 2007 — I worked as a contractor at Microsoft, working on the as-yet-unannounced Microsoft Surface touch-table product. I was in the Surface design studio and, without an official SDK, developed a number of high-polish internal applications as well as proof of concept apps which were presented by Bill Gates on the Today Show and Steve Ballmer at the D5 conference in 2007.

Owner, Developer, Endquote

Seattle, Sep 2005 - Apr 2008 — I worked independently for a few years as a freelance developer, building mostly Flash applications for clients like Microsoft, Starbucks, Comcast, The Smithsonian, Seattle University, and the University of Washington (in conjunction with agencies like POSSIBLE, Second Story, Belle & Wissell, and Ratio Interactive). While previously I had adult supervision, in this role I really had to hone my skills when it came to client communication and project estimation in addition to software development. My philosophy was to never break a promise or miss a deadline, and I think that's why I had a great reputation and many repeat clients.

Developer, Smashing Ideas

Seattle, Jan 2003 - Oct 2005 — At the time, Smashing Ideas developed web-based interactive work in Flash for clients such as Macromedia, Disney, and Nickelodeon. I came in with a very limited knowledge of Flash but was hired and put straight to work on game projects that tied into the marketing efforts of major brands. It was here where I really got into object-oriented development, design patterns, code reuse, and generally adapted to the fast pace of marketing agency schedules. Once I had that down, I became more involved in project planning and estimation, as well as sales efforts and pitch meetings.

Developer, Saltmine

Seattle, Jan 1999 - Jan 2003 — Saltmine grew and shrunk along with the boom and bust, but while I was there I learned how to work in a deadline-driven environment, how to write specifications, and worked mostly in HTML and JavaScript, pushing boundaries whenever I could using what little there was to work with in the browsers of the day. We did some good work for clients such as Microsoft, Seattle's Best Coffee, Washington Mutual, and AT&T.

Intern, Real Networks

Seattle, Jun 1998 - Aug 1998 — I worked in the marketing group doing front-end web development for


Art Institute of Seattle

AAA in Multimedia, Jan 1997 - Jan 1999 — "Multimedia" was defined literally in this program to include painting, drawing, lighting, video and audio production, typography, graphic design, and programming.



March 2018 — present I recruit and manage volunteers for various art+tech events produced by the CODAME organization, from small workshops to one-night events to full-week festivals.

Future Fires

March 2017 — Produced "Meta Mirror", a projection piece at the "Luminary" event.


November 2016 — Assisted in various roles at the "Artificial Experiences" event.

Gray Area Foundation For The Arts

April 2016 — Assisted in various roles at the 2016 Gray Area Festival.


Display screen with animated graphical user interface

D663314, Jan 2011 — The image browsing interface for the Bing application that Stimulant developed for the Microsoft Pixelsense table.

Honors and Awards

Feature, Communication Arts Design Annual 2016

Aug 2016, Communication Arts — Stimulant was chosen the subject for an in-depth feature in Comm Arts, an honor given to a single agency each year.

Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement, One World Observatory

Nov 2015, Themed Entertainment Association

Seattle Interactive Conference Session

Oct 2014 — I participated in a panel discussion with other designers and developers of the Microsoft Cube installation.

LoopLoop by Stimulant, Winner "Best in Category, Expressing" and "Best in Show"

Jan 2012, IxDA Interaction Awards —

MIX 11 Session

Apr 2011, Microsoft — I participated in a panel discussion at the Microsoft MIX conference on the future of natural user interfaces.

Microsoft Surface MVP

Jan 2011, Microsoft — I was one of the few members of the Microsoft MVP program in the Surface discipline, first awarded in 2011 and renewed in 2012 and 2013.

Merit Award for Bing Search for Microsoft Surface, Intel's Connect to Life Experience and LoopLoop for Sifteo Cubes

Jul 2005, How Interactive Design Awards 2013

Best Museum Environment (Gold), Intel Museum Ultrabook Exhibit

Jul 2005, Event Design Awards 2013

Best Tradeshow Exhibit (Gold) Intel Connect to Life Experience

Jul 2005, Event Marketer Ex Awards 2013

Best Use of Technology (Gold) Intel Connect to Life Experience

Jul 2005, Event Design Awards 2012

Experiential Exhibits (Gold) Intel Connect to Life Experience

Jul 2005, Exhibit Design Awards 2012

Best Use of a Single Technology (Silver) Intel Connect to Life Experience

Jul 2005, Event Technology Awards 2012

Winner, Developer's Resource, for

Mar 2003, SXSW Interactive — A bizarre Movable Type plugin that would semi-randomly link your blog to those of other subscribers. It was cool in 2003.