Hi, I'm Josh. I've been building strange things with software for around 25 years. My projects have run on screens from one inchone inch to 3.6 acres in size, and have included immersive projectionsimmersive projections, prototype consumer productsprototype consumer products, museum exhibitsmuseum exhibits, sensing and tracking systemssensing and tracking systems, data visualizationsdata visualizations, digital signage for ravesdigital signage for raves, and silly experimentssilly experiments.

About the first half of that time was spent primarily coding. Since then I've been learning to build and lead teams made up of folks that are smarter than me that can push the edges of what's possible in consumer software experiences.

Since 2020 I've been doing that at PlayStation, helping the design division connect with technology to create amazing gaming products.

I live in San Francisco with my partner Mary, my dog Penrose, and my electric Mini Cooper. Outside of work I follow the worlds of art and fashion, particularly where they intersect with technology.